How to stay winning as a millennial leader

On several accounts, leadership has been associated with maturity and age. It’s been said, ‘With age, comes wisdom.’ but do we grasp that idiom in it’s true sense? I believe that society has approved routes to leadership based on ‘who’ drew the map. I mean, a leadership principle from John Maxwell or Barack Obama (no matter how ‘shallow’ it may be) it is still considered more profound than Andrew Tsuro’s; right?

Developing a winning mindset as a millennial leader is key in you becoming a winning millennial leader. What does winning mean to you?

One of the arena’s I use to practice my millennial leadership is at Toastmasters. This is where I believe to have successfully developed a winning mindset. In every leadership position I have served in, it has been my mission to be the best there is. How did i develop the winning mindset?

1. I stayed true to my personality.

I am a naturally enthusiastic, energetic and jovial person. I did not try to be something opposite – lest I got trapped in my “fake” appearances. Sometimes leaders are encouraged to be cool, calm & collected for them to be respected. I tried it at some point; I failed the people I served!

2. I did what excited me.

Who wants to be dull and boring when doing something as challenging as leadership? Certainly not me! I found myself involved in projects that excited me. They brought out the life in my role.In turn, my teams acknowledged it and got excited too! In many cases, we succumb to the pressures of the role and ‘do what has to be done’ to tick boxes; it’s draining!

3. I was inclusive.

As a millennial, the quick anticipated approach would be that I only consider ideas that come from my peers… they understand “how we do things” nowadays. However, I am in the leadership roles to learn and be a great leader. We live in a world overflowing with racism, sexism & ageism among many other discriminating factors. I strive to be one who goes against these. I strive to build people together. I am a sucker for unity, alliances and successful teamwork!

With these 3 decisions, I believe I have become a winning millennial leader and i continue to thrive as an influential young leader! I appreciate organizations that have recognized me for this pursuit, e.g LEAD excellence awards.

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